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THE PROCESS: (effective 1/5/20)

 Where:  1950 Young St. Hawaiian Hardball.

I am fortunate to have a great relationship with Hawaiian Hardball, Honolulu's premier Baseball/Softball training facility and retailer.  I rent out space within their batting cage facility THEYARD.  They have free parking (although limited).  Please carpool as necessary.


Also note that I am able to shoot on location but PREFER to shoot at Hawaiian Hardball due to it being inside and allows me to shoot in my style "blackout" during the day.


 When:  Primarily Sat/Sun

Again, this photography business is my side-gig.  That being the case, I shoot mostly Sat/Sun. Weeknights are possible but it depends on my schedule.


  • Do you bring? Everything you want in the picture...jerseys, equipment, BALLS, EVERYTHING

  • How long does it take?  Individual sessions are 15-20 mins.  Teams can be an hour or longer

 How:  To Schedule

Send me an email with the NAME of your Team in the subject line.  Tell me what you're looking to shoot, when, and when your Senior Night is (if applicable).