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Principal Photographer - Rick Agan


I grew up in Hilo on the Big Island, playing multiple sports for Waiakea High School. I graduated from UH-Manoa and spent a lot of my college career working in the UH Athletics Department.  Right out of college, I spent 2 years working as a Sportscaster for KITV in the late 90's and now enjoy watching my sons' sports teams at MidPacific and Pac 5.  I have been in the medical sales field for the last 20 years and am now in the midst of my mid-life crisis and go snowboarding every chance I get. (JAPOW is a real thing)

20230202_Furano Shreddahz_Sea And Summit Media-51.JPEG

10 Years ago, I realized that the "picture day" images that were being provided for my kids were simply not enough and I started dabbling with shooting sports portraits. A friend saw some of my pictures and said "Brah, you get da Tako Eye for Sports Images! You can SEE the shot!" (Tako Eye Origin:  Spear fisherman in Hawaii search for Octopus or "Tako" on the sea floor.  Due to the camouflage abilities of the tako and their ability to squeeze into small holes, they are difficult to see.  Some divers however, have an innate skill to "see" them, so it is said they have the "Tako Eye".)


I wouldn't say I am the most technically proficient photographer but I have an innate ability to compose sports photos.  As a former athlete, former sports anchor and current coach, I live, eat and breathe sports.  I know what these images should FEEL like.  When you look at my images I want you to feel the Intensity, the Joy, the Passion and the absolute LOVE for the game.


Coach Rick

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